Diver Propulsion Unit camera rigs (DPV’s)

These DPV’s allow an underwater camera operator to move quickly and efficiently through the water whilst filming, and also increases stability to the shot as well. In particular we use these rigs for breath hold and free dive filming allowing for longer duration takes whilst underwater, or for covering long distances in caves whilst filming at the same time

We have 2 x Suex VRX with Lithium and Nimih battery packs which allow air transportation, and then for longer or deeper dives we have the fabulous Seacraft Ghost 2000 which are Lithium only, so not suitable for air transportation without prior authorisation

Either unit can be twinned together (2 x Suex or 2 x Seacraft) for an even more stable filming platform and faster movement through the water, as demonstrated by the short film below which was shot using our DPV filming rig

Technical Specs

Depth RatingSuex 100m, Seacraft 200m
Ship weight1 box @ 20-28kg


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