Laowa Periprobe adaptors for Gates and Nauticam housings

We can support the new Laowa Periprobe for our Gates DSMC 2/3 housings and the original Laowa probe can be supported in our Nauticam cinema housings such as DSMC2, DSMC3 and Zcam E2F

The new Periprobe inherits all the features from the old probe lens. It features 85° AoV with a periscope and a very close working distance, which features a bug-eye perspective.
The 2x magnification allows for capturing subjects of different sizes with details. Users could poke the long and waterproof barrel into a tight space and underwater to obtain a unique perspective. The LED Ring Lite provides an extra light source. Users could also switch the 90° periscope back to the 0° straight scope.
The lens could rotate 360° along the axis by using the clutch mechanism to unlock the orientation ring

Technical Specs

Depth Rating10m
Dome portN/A – adaptor kit for dive housing
BuoyancySlightly negative
Ship weight1@10kg


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